A friend introduced me to the AdvoCare products by letting me try some samples, and I'd like to  do the same for you. The AdvoCare company is 23 years old and based in Texas, USA.  The products are made in the USA and are very high quality, or I wouldn't have  even considered trying them.  After I began the 24-Day Challenge and started to lose weight, my

husband noticed and began using the products too!  Many of the products he likes are the same ones that professional athletes use, and he can really tell the difference in his energy!  Click on the ADVOCARE PRODUCTS link above to learn more!


4 more victory!


4 More Victory....Our Story with AdvoCare Products

Successful weight loss doesn't just happen.  I tried many different eating and exercise programs without success.  That's where AdvoCare came in!

Click on the 24 Day Challenge logo below to see how my husband and I both lost 20+ pounds and counting!

 What brought you to this site?  Do you look and is feel like you desire to look and feel? 
Would you like to lose weight?  Get more fit?  Make additional income or replace your job income? 
Feel better and have more energy?  Get out of debt? 
4 More Victory is our way of sharing a great discovery we have made!  In the past, both my husband and I had found  that we didn't have the energy to enjoy and keep up our small horse farm after work.  There's always work to do on the farm, and we both work full time as well. Having been involved with horses for most of our lives, we really want to continue enjoying and working around them! Since we found the AdvoCare family of products, we have more energy, have lost weight and generally feel so much better!  Our quality of life has drastically improved!!    Please contact us and share your needs, whether it be more energy, weight loss, income or becoming debt free... or all of the above!                    
Karen & Mike